jME game server?

hi all,

i know its a bit early to think about networking, but a friend of mine wanted a server for his flash movies. So i made one. It just so happens to process XML!

I still have to add multiclients, it wont take much time. But would you be interested if I was to submit the code to jME?

It utilisises Sockets, and ServerSockets, it also has a GUI (Swing, cause i like the look).

Perhaps when the GUI is finished, i can transfer it over to gregg’s GUI.

What do you all think?

okies, its mutlithreading now.

20 concurrent connections and only 16Mb of Ram used! Yeah baby yeah!

Well, just let us see the final product, and we’ll see if we can make use of it in jME. Hard to say now, because I haven’t seen it, and I’m not even all that sure about what the network API should look like. But keep working on it and let us know.