jME images, textures, sounds, animations, etc discussion thread?

Has anyone considered adding a discussion forum or area on the website that is just a public forum to post files that other jME users might find helpful?  Not source code, but Images, textures, sound files, animations, etc?  Maybe even categorize them by theme or type?  I'm much more interested in the code and I love reusing good looking graphics… I don't have the time (or talent frankly) to create good looking textures, etc.  Just a thought.

Sounds like a good idea.  we'd have to indicate that posting anything there was basically placing it into the public domain and that you'd be indicating that it was your own personal work, etc.

I agree, I think this is a great idea and I would be willing to put some time into helping out if this had the support needed to come to fruition.


We'll consider it, but this is not a game development forum. So, we are entering a gray area of including non-jme related stuff.