JME integration in Netbeans 5.x


i want to know if its possible to integrate JME as a Module in Netbeans >=5.x.

I want for my application/game an integrated editor something similiar

like MonkeyWorld3D does.

Thx for answers :slight_smile:

Hmm, I did not have a look at netbeans a long time. Didn't it use awt/swing for gui stuff? If yes, it should be no problem at all to use jME in a netbeans module. If no it strongly depends on the gui toolkit that's used, I guess . . .

I am trying this too, although I have just started.  It seems totally possible, as I have created a Canvas and displayed it in the application I am building.  I don't have the repainting working right at this point though.  I would be curious as to what you do if you get that working.

By the way I am using netbeans 5.0 beta 2 (200511141730) and just followed the FeedReader tutorial to get started, but I made a Wrapper for the jME .jars instead of the Feed stuff, and left out the code for the feed-related Nodes.  Then I added a TopComponent that had code in it that created the Canvas, JMECanvasImplentor, etc as is done in the Swing test from jME.  Seems to work so far.

The only funky thing that I had to do was add a line to the build.xml file for the Module Suite to set the java.library.path …

<property name="run.args.extra" value="-J-Djava.library.path=C:jmonkeynative"/>

Update:  FYI: I just put a swing Timer in the TopComponent which called the Canvas.repaint() method.  I can get a pretty good frame rate and not affect the responsiveness of the rest of the IDE.



did you get any progress / bugs / impressions so far?  :slight_smile: