jME JavaDoc needs updating

Out of curiosity (and a little frustration) I looked at the html source of the JavaDoc from the main site:

<!-- Generated by javadoc on Fri Apr 28 13:23:18 CDT 2006–>

Is it possible to update the JavaDoc automatically or at least once in a while?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I just assumed the JavaDoc was re-uploaded every night with the nightly build.  I see now that's not the case.

It seems to make sense for this to happen.  Irrisor, you're maintaining the nightly build upload process right?  You're welcome to update it to upload the javadocs to my server as well.

You can simply change the nightly target in the build.xml. Probably they are even built as zip/jar already?

I took a quick look last night and didn't notice anything for the JavaDocs up on the server.  If I have time tonight I'll see if I can't modify the nightly target to build the JavaDocs.  I should have realized it was controlled there, but alas I did not.  :frowning:

Any progress?

Any progress? / (darkfrog + "If I have time") = No

Thanks for the bump, if another developer wants to tackle this they are welcome or I'll try to remember to update the ant file tonight.

The JavaDoc on the main page reflects the latest official release, not CVS.

Therefore, it has been updated with 0.11.

Hmmm…just assumed they were referring to the nightly JavaDoc.

Glad that JavaDocs have been updated for the release though. :slight_smile:

Sorry for updating old threads, but could someone update the JavaDoc on the main website? The current one seems to be outdated, it doesn't list PassNode for example.

This topic has surfaced again… There have been questions about the javadocs and them not being completely up-to-date. Current javadoc is from 20. April 2007 I believe, but jMe 1.0 jar is from Friday, October 19, 2007 at 4:25:23 PM.

I guess having a more or less up-to-date 2.0 javadoc is impossible as there are even no nightly builds and it exists only in SVN… But perhaps we could still make a snapshot every couple of months? Also, perhaps there are ideas on how to make this process more constant without overburdening our webmaster?  :slight_smile: