JME linux version causing performance problems

Using linux version of jMonkeyEngine, when I run my game, it cause crazy performance problems to all other games that I try to run.

Obs: The problem persists after i close the game, like some crazy bug happened in video.

More details please,
what driver what linux versions ect.?

-> Probably a driver fault however. As when the jvm is terminated, the OS/drivers are required by definition to clean it properly up as if it were never run.

Disable compiz. (As Empire said, without info we can also give only random advice)

These are the informations about my system, if it is necessary something more, please talk to me.

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 6670.
Video Driver: AMD Catalyst Driver.
Driver Version: 14.20-140522a-172181E.
OS: Linux Mint 17 Qiana.

Hm are you using a compositor?
does sit happen if jme is run in window or only in fullscreen?

I’m using arch linux and despite the sometimes questionable amd performance it makes no difference how often i start it.

mint uses cinnamon if I remember correctly?

Happen when running in window mode, i didn’t tried to run in full screen mode to see if the same happens.

Yes, standard desktop environment in mint is cinnamon, but i am using the mate version of it.

I will test with full screen look for what will happen.

Also, just in case, check the system monitor to be sure your game really exited when it closed. Sounds dumb but it could cause the issue also and is simple to check.

Tested on fullscreen, same problem, but it seems to be pulseaudio, LOL, believe me, it is something about applications that need to restart it before, I will confirm here and talk after if it is true.

Hm pulseaudio is sometimes behaving like a bitch ^^ I know this to much :confused:

=). I will confirm if it is true or not.

It stopped after i restart pulseaudio before run other apps, i think it is the problem, i am thankful for all, =).

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I even switched to Debian from Ubuntu to get away from pulseaudio (true story).

Pulseaudio is not necessarly bad, but many distributions have it not complelty configured.
(In fact i like that i’m able to explicitly define what runs on my speakers and what on my headphones)

Maybe I have to learn to configure it, now I am literally running a script as a laucher that restarts pulseaudio and start the games, =).