jME Logo!

Hi all,

Made a little “logo” in my spare time. What do you think?

PS, the bg is transperant.

Hey, not bad…

I personally am partial to the monkey logo though. :slight_smile: (Familiarity perhaps?)

Just my 2 cents.

Good attempt DP. The current jME’s logo has a huge problem with it’s text. I did it with a tablet and just wrote it. So, yes, that’s what my handwriting looks like heheh. I’m not pleased with how sloppy it looks right now. So, I’m pleased that you focused on the text. However, there are a couple issues I have with the current. I’d like the letters more uniform, the current ones don’t appear to “go” together. There sizes are different, spacing is different, etc. However, I love the fact that it’s almost like you used the cell-shader to render the text. If you keep it up, and make things a little tighter and cleaner, I might bump out the current text in favor of yours.

i used 3dsmax and its sort of at an angle, not directly at it.

he he, i was bored, without the internet! Now i got the internet!