jME Maven distribution problems

I recently started using Maven at work, and finally came to understand what it is and what it can do (very cool!).  I decided to try to Mavenize my jME project, and was happy to find the directions at

I had to modify the procedure for some of the dependencies that have been updated (2.0RC1 to 2.1), but otherwise everything was able to build.

Running was another problem…

The debugging I was able to do pointed to problems finding lwjgl and it's native libraries.  Also, I noticed that the zip file created did not include any of the lwjgl jars, or the Windows natives.  I finally modified the line in pom.xml to point to ${lwjgl.natives}/windows instead of ${lwjgl.natives}/win32, but it still didn't seem to help much.  Eventually, by adding a /lib directory to my project and copying all of the lwjgl files to there, I was able to get the project running by adding a system dependency to lwjgl.jar and lwjgl_util.jar.  In Eclipse, I needed to add lwjgl.jar and it's native library to the build path.

My question is whether or not I did the right thing?  Everything I read seems to indicate that all of this should have been automagically taken care of, so I'm thinking I must have messed something up.  Any hints on what it should look like, and any common errors I can look for?