JME on Android without OPENGL 2


i need to know if is it possible to run jme on any Android device without using OPENGL 2.

I have been trying to do that for 2 days but i do not have succes.

This is also extensible to the posibility of running jme inside an applet on a computer that do not support OPENGL2. ¿Is this posibly?

¿Is jme only suitable for devices that supports OPENGL 2? This would restrict its powerfull, am i wrong?

Thanks in advance and, please, excuse my english.

jme requires opengl es 2.0 to run on android phones

If you are using SimpleApplication or extending Application yourself, you can use ogl1.x like this:

[java] @Override

public void start() {

AppSettings s = new AppSettings(true);






Bear in mind a lot of features might not work, but it produces some basic passable results.

Do you think my Samsung Galaxy Spica ( ) can run jME3 in OpenGL ES 1.x with only some basic features ? The device still runs on Android 1.5, but I can run the Gears Test (… ).

Thanks in advance.

It won’t run on your phone. Even if it could run it, it would be too slow

Ok. Thanks for the answer.

I must admit that I gave it a try, but it crashed.

Does it require some API’s of Android 2.2 ?