jME particle system Vs. JOPS(Monkey)


In a project i'm currently working on, we need tens of thousands of particles to build up a fire-scenario, (fire and smoke) and i was just wondering if JOPS might be more suitable. One problem i've discovered with JOPS is that it seems to be very poorly documented.

In addition to squeesing out tens of thousands of fire and smoke-particles, we also need to contain particles inside rooms. The only known way to do this with the jME particle system - without introducing the (performancedraining, in this case) physics system -  is to modify the floorinfluence.

Does anybody have any experience with this? how do these particle systems compare when it comes to performance? any advice/ideas?

tens of thousands of particles? It may look better if you spam then, but most games even comercials use quite few for performance reasons, kinda like this one if you look carefully you can see the different textures a little. However the effect of burning here is made by using animated textures rather than moving particles.