jME Physics 2

Hi all,

I arranged with Mojomonk for jME Physics 2 to stay a separate project. But I'd like to ask all of you to check it out from cvs (jmephysics module at to get it refactored with the jME core, as quite some people seem to use it along with jME. I failed to keep it in sync with jME some times already…

For applying changes you can either request addition to the project or send me an email each time (with notification or even patch) - whatever you like more.

Configuring your IDE should be done quickly:

  • check out jmephysics module from cvs
  • eclipse projects are in cvs
  • for any other ide:

        - source roots: src/, test/, test-interactive/, tutorial/, impl/ode/src/

        - dependencies: jME core, native library in impl/ode/lib/

    TIA :slight_smile: