JME Simple Examples Project

Hi friends!

I started a project with simple examples for JME3. Every JME user who has any useful example can be added to the project or can add an example here(and I will add it to the project).

Project hosting:

License: New BSD License (fully free).

To add your examples: just make your own package and put your java classes. And ask here to get an access to the project.

I hope this project will be very helpful for starters.

Everybody who wants to add his own demos and examples you are welcome! Just write me here for adding you to the project.


Mhoa… Why you keep opening repos all over the web for jme stuff? Useful examples should go to our wiki and not some private repo :confused:

And where should I put the repo?

I want to make a repository where every user can add his example.

May be we could have another tutorial sections where the focus is more of on a project / concept rather then individual feature. Cool! I might add some when its ready.

What’s the project that’s already in there already?

I think most people get along way better posting code to a wiki than to some cvs.

User can add his models for example. cvs is much better in that way. And user can revert some his changes.

iamcreasy, you are welcome!

You can upload files to the wiki as well but thats not the point, I meant that for many people cvs’s are a reason not to contribute cause they don’t know how to work with them.

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normen said:
You can upload files to the wiki as well but thats not the point, I meant that for many people cvs's are a reason not to contribute cause they don't know how to work with them.

Now, "that" is a very nice reason. May be the repository should be used for the developers and a packed version should be posted to the wiki. Who wants the latest, can grab it from repo or just download the project from the wiki.

Or this sounds too lengthy...

May I use both of cvs and wiki.

And where can I add the examples to the wiki?

Tutorials for Beginners?

May I make “Users Examples” category?

yeah, maybe make a jme3:user_examples folder in the wiki (so name the pages like jme3:user_examples:example1)

Ok, give me access.

You already have, like any registered member of the site ^^

Thanks! I added examples to the wiki here:

any description?

Description is file names. :slight_smile:

@iamcreasy , can you make an example with AppStates? I saw your topics, but i failed in compiling your example.

I have found some issues with the setup. I will update when its ready. :slight_smile:

Dude i meant the examples should be in the wiki, not just a link to your external repo -.-

Asteroids Mini game is added to Simple Examples project:

Thanks to Mark Schrijver!

SpaceShip flying is added:

you can fly with a ship and bounce 500 asteroids. If you comment lines 50,51 you will get 2000fps. Pretty good. :slight_smile:

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