jME won't initialize in linux (black screen, X goes funky after exiting app)

I've not been able to get the graphics initialized of any of your jME demos.

All that happens, is a black screen appearing. I can ESC to close it, or switch out, but when I do so, my X seems to be having a hard time redrawing things.

I got an error from X, stating the following:

Looks like a general problem with 3D hardware acceleration, to me. Are the drivers up to date? (I'm not up to date concerning version numbers :))

Have you tested other OpenGL apps and double checked they really run hardware accelerated?

Yeah, they're the latest available, and other OpenGL applications work perfectly. Heck, even World of Warcraft through Wine in opengl mode works.

I just need to find a way to debug this, see what happens through the whole loop, check for failed function calls or something. Is there a way to debug the native jni function calls?


I just went and got myself the LWJGL source. Tried running the Display demo app, which suffered from the same issues. I recon nobody here will be able to help me further on those grounds?

Yes… if LWJGL won't work, jME won't either. Ati's linux support is less than phenomenal unfortunately.

I really like ATI's new drivers available from their web site…I think they're superior to the ones privided by nVidia now.  ATI used to be terrible trying to get it to work on Linux but these new drivers they released makes it as easy as it is to install video drivers in Windows.


Well, after poking about in my xorg.conf, I finally got things to work. Blame is on PseudoVisuals, it ought to be Off.

And btw, I just think ATI should make work of that Composition thing enabled with DRI. I don't know the implementation issues, but it should really be a top priority.

I'd say their top priority is to give their X1?00/R5?? range a working driver in the first place. 2D or 3D.