jME XML File Format

Is there a documentation anywhere that describes the jME XML file format?

I'm interested in looking at this for my own nefarious purposes…  }:-@

nefariousness has been banned, so I'm afraid we can't help you.  :stuck_out_tongue:

(sorry, didn't really have an answer so I decided to make fun of you for using the word nefarious)

There is an example xml file in cvs, data/XML docs/newSampleScene.xml - it contains a part of what the xml format can do.

Other than that, there's the exported sample scene from my blender2jme exporter - download it


or, if you know how to use blender (, download the

sample scene

instead, and export it using the

latest exporter:

Note that the speed of the animation in the xml file linked above is not correct - the "time" attribute contains frame numbers instead of frame time in seconds.

The updated exporter exports correct frame times, but has problems with coordinate conversion instead. However, just from reading the xml, you should be able to get a good idea of what the jme xml format can do for you.

Oh, and don't mind the missing texture, it has never been a great piece of artwork anyway  :lol:

Hope that helps.

Hmmm… I was hoping for a DTD or Schema.  The XML file is a start, though.

I'll dig through the code and see if it offers any insight.  Thanks, hevee.

And, if nefariousness has been banned… how about deviousness?

Whackjack said:

And, if nefariousness has been banned.. how about deviousness?

Well, that's still in discussion....if it were banned sfera would have no place to go.

i heard that! i even understood it without a dictionary! (at least this far)

aarrrgh… darkfrog. wait until i get my hands on you! …i will feast on your wicked soul. bwahahahaha cough-cough  }:-@

Whackjack, probably Collada is better for you then - there's tons of doc on that, i believe - and it's the Format Of The Future ™, the old jme xml format is not supported anymore, not sure if you are aware of that. Mojo himself made and maintains the collada importer, so i guess it will be around forever, and get improvements and bugfixes frequently - unlike the old xml format, which was created by a former dev who has left jME long ago.

Of course, Collada is much more complex, so i guess it depends on your task if it's worth getting into that.