JME2 Transparency problem

I am trying to incorporate a homemade png files from Photoshop and have the area around it transparent. I have followed the tutorial to the T and can replicate the examples such as the sphere surrounded by the red lightning so this leads me to believe my image file isn’t constructed correctly. Could somehow inform me as to the correct method in Photoshop CS5?

I have tried, making my image, copying it, turning that copy into a black/white image and copying that as a channel named “Alpha” under the original. Black being the parts I wanted visible, white invisible. Saved it as a png, None chosen when asked for interlacing, and selected “Alpha Channels” when saving. When I opened the red lightning png file from the example I noticed that it had no alpha channel, just the checkered transparency background I’m used to in adobe, so I mimiced that an removed the alpha channel and tried the version, no luck. I then tried to combine them and had the checked background on my main image, and the same alpha channel as in the first attempt, now I couldn’t opt to choose “Alpha Channels” when I saved the file and it had no better results… any ideas? Thanks ahead of time :slight_smile: