The title pretty much says it; is there a working project that can be used to visually add, translate and rotate Spatials, with the option to persist (save) the scene?

After investigation in the forums I'd say - no.

Am I wrong about this?

Thanks for your help


There isn't really a JME specific one yet, but you could easily use blender and export your level as a ogre dot scene file.  JMonkeyPlatform is your other bet, but it doesn't have all the features you may want yet.

Thanks for the reply SomethingNew!

SomethingNew wrote:
There isn't really a JME specific one yet
Ah, I'd thought this may be the case, but it's always good to confirm these things  :D

SomethingNew wrote:
blender and export your level as a ogre dot scene file.
Unfortunately it's not as straightforward as that, as there is the physics mapping of the objects and the logic stuff is factored out. There's the logical object containing the physics object that is the parent of the OgreXml that would be in the dot scene.

Basically means I'll have to parse the scene file and match my objects to the ogre ones, which is a better solution then writing my own jME level editor (as it'll take only a fraction of the work), so this is what I'll probably end up doing

The parser for the ogre dot scene files exists: Just modify to how you want.

@SomethingNew thanks for help!

If I recall correctly the SceneLoader can also write UserData into the Spatials, you can store physics settings in this data and then use it when you load the scene.

Check out SceneWorker…

@SomethingNew, jMonkeyPlatform is for jME3 only :wink:

sbook said:

@SomethingNew, jMonkeyPlatform is for jME3 only ;)

Whoops guess I should pay more attention to the header.  :)