JME3.1 alpha 1 problem in Terrain Editor

I recently download JME3.1 alpha . When working with terrain editor I recognized a problem.
When I add new texture layer (for grass) and click on the Erase A Texture From Terrain button (looks like a spray can) in the Terrain Editor it dose not work.In JME 3.0 stable it works correctly.
please take care of it .

What I have also noticed with the terrain editor is that the painting tool is not centered on the painting sphere thing.
When I paint hills or roads there is an offset from the center of that blue sphere.

That’s strange, the “Erase a texture from the terrain” is actually the “paint a texture onto the terrain” tool. The tool tip is wrong.
And indeed it does absolutely nothing.
Gonna look into it, unless @Sploreg has an idea :wink:

Erase is just paint, but with a negative value that is applied to the alpha channel.

As for paint offset, this depends on how detailed your alpha map is. If it is not very detailed then the painted areas will seem large and pixely. Try making the alpha map larger (more pixels). If there is a general much larger offset, then the tool must have changed in the update to 3.1.

Honestly I haven’t been able to dig into 3.1 much to see what has changed in the SDK, stuff is going crazy at work =’(

Did you fix the problem my friend?

Nope, and tbh I have no clue where it comes from.
I looked into it briefly and I think there has been some change in the engine that broke it.
I’ll investigate further, but I’m missing time lately.

No problem. When you have free time please look in it. I will really appreciate you.

i found similar issues in the terrain editor :

  1. the paint brush seam to do nothing but if i reopen the scene the modifications are visible.
  2. every time i close the scene from the terrain editor the SDK ask for saving the scene even if i already save it (with save buttons and also ctrl+S)
  3. in some time one of the textures disappear and show the “value map” used to store texture id.

see :

Edit :
bug already occur at commit 9ba04bed8fa16a7d7fd96ce8afb6d219703e6080 , 851af2f7bcd1c0b99db8e6295004f340adddf001 ,
212a2d6e9631dc85d64a7dca4f67fbb2dc502f3c ,
d4e85382db2996c1463658f44f69662eef71baf2 ,
issue doesn’t occur at commit 6bd5bdf7ba2c7ce79f159d746a78e41e517c3f72 ,
539dcf9c823cd20a6b575d81e57c60a1bcdcf69c ,
1cb9edd07aa3719677a1c77e1e92a7dabcb0ce24 ,
82901bb4864a4d628b65113eaed81fc0acb3bdb4 ,

Error (for the texture not updated) is some where here : Comparing c212fab37a7c20dcb42534124c866d7c990bdb56...16e3e005073350204ad772335d66e63d00ecb8f5 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

yep got that too…

I did a little research and the issue of not updated texture seam to be encountered the first time with theses commits :


Thanks for finding the breaking commit @Dokthar … Should be fixed in Git now.


Open source in action!!!

team work OP :wink:

Hey so can you guys confirm all 3 issues are fixed?

issues 1. and 3. are fixed but not the issue 2.
(every time i close the scene from the terrain editor the SDK ask for saving the scene even if i already save it (with save buttons and also ctrl+S))