JME3.1 - Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() may generate intermittent error on Android

Hello guys,

As I said in another post, I am testing the migration of my application to JME3.1.

I have identified a problem that may occur for some android devices and still intermittently.

In the case tested, the problem manifested itself in a Samsung Galaxy S3, with Android 4.3 JellyBeans.

When executing the sequence start → application load → stop → start → application load the following exception can occur in the mentioned device:

AssetNotFoundExceptions on loading the file "Interface/Fonts/Default.fnt"

The screens below exemplify things that happened when the problem manifested itself.

I adopted the following solution:

Overrides Thread.currentThread().GetContextClassLoader() by this.getClass().GetClassLoader()

Sources Affected: