JME3 API documentation

…hi guys…first of all I wanna say hello to all of you since im new member here, so i hope in some future I may have some nice contribution to this community…

Im very much impressed with JME and i haven’t had any problems setting it up and use it very quickly…however, while tutorials are nice and handy, I was looking for complete JME3 API reference only, but i couldn’t find any…there is serious chance that i have missed it, so in that case, i will appreciate a lot, if some of you guys, point me on to right direction…thank you in advance, and happy coding :slight_smile:

It’s included in JMonkeyPlatform along with the sources.

I recommend you use JMP, even if you are not used to netBeans, especially if you are a JME3 beginner.

Lots of configurations are handled for you in JMP, and it will ease the starting process and avoid you to be frustrated.

…hey nehon…

Thank you for reply…Im not using JMplatform but svn source version since i would like to build whole thing and so far no problems at all…so far i had zero problems with installation, update and building sources…now since i havent download JMplatform, no wonder i was unable to see API reference im looking for in order to take steps beyond tutorials…also im interested in to bringing JME on to PS3 since im licensed developer for PS3 system, and in that respect, i would like to know, is there anyone here, already took such steps?

Well this is not gonna be straight forward but it seems there could be a way.

First you’ll need java on PS3, which means that you need a Linux os for the PS3.

Then you’ll need opengl. From what i read, PS3 uses OpenGL ES and not directly GLSL, but something called PSGL which seems to be a modified GLSL with PS3 specific extensions.

Once you’re there you’ll probably have to write a specific renderer for this purpose, using proper calls to ogl/es, And i guess that all the shaders will have to be modified to fit PSGL.

I read that there could be some limitations when using a linux os, especially for available ram.

But…could be doable !!!

The javadoc is in the nightly and you can also build it using ant (“ant javadoc”). A PS3 version of jME3 would surely be interesting, I guess you should get it to work with some open java VM like classpath or harmony… The renderer would be the biggest part as it would involve JNI code for thje PS3 OpenGL bindings I guess.