jME3 Core Team introduction: INsanityDesign


As the core team around jME3 is more and more evolving, I want to introduce myself as a new part of the core team, focussing on bringing jME to a new dimension; it's not the third, but the Mobile, mainly Android. So, about me:

I am not good at this, so beware ^^. My name is Savas, I am a diploma in informatics/computer science and am working at an Research and Developer Institute near my old University. My "competence" or knowledge would best be described as Java freak with ascendant C#. I work and worked in different areas, from elearning over industrial system processes to knowledge management, currently focussed on Monitoring of User Interaction. Mobile Games, Mobile Devices is what I very am interested in personally. Besides my work, I already worked with WM, Symbian, JME and Android and I don't know, have a hang for mobile platforms. At the moment I am very into Android, as I like the framework, the structure and my Magic ^^. To get used to Android and OpenGL I made some ports of the NeHe tutorials ( I know most software structures, architectures and engineering principles, have worked with most.

My interests in jME are to enable jME3.0 from the beginning an entry to the mobile platforms, especially in the beginning "Android". This will be my main focus, so that jME covers this new, evolving dimension and is designed in that direction from the beginning. As I am nevertheless a good Java programmer (at least in my opinion and dreams) I will of course try to help everywhere I can and help layout a structure/architecture to cope everything under one hood.

That's me!


You are most welcome Savas! The Android platform is really one of the aspects of jME that excites me the most, as it is simple enough to be a suitable entry-point for me and my feeble programming skills. I am looking forward to the day when I have my first application on the android market and it will all be thanks to you and the JMonkeyEngine :slight_smile:

Quick backlog: I knew Savas 'insanitydesign' as a distant affiliate. A few weeks ago I decided to check up on him when I was in the progress of finding prospective members for the team. I found his blog, I read about his interesting research and work with Android, and I got in touch. Savas held the jMonkeyEngine project in great respect and was very happy to join us, and he has been getting himself better affiliated with jME3, the team and the community since.

It's great to have you aboard Savas  :smiley: