JME3 for social networks (facebook etc.)

Hi guys! I would like to propose JME3 for social project to one potential investor. Project is something like a Farm.

Will it suit for social neworks? Just like unity…


Is there any special requirement for social network? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nord is being played on FaceBook too, so why not?

wow! thanks for the link.

Nothing special. just a simple farm.

Thanks!! I hope it will be useful for the engine too!

I’ve made an applet run as a facebook application. Basically, anything you can stick inside an ‘iframe’ will work.

Your biggest concern will be all the people that don’t have java installed(!)

Thanks men! I failed. I did some demos with JME post effect (bloom). They did not work with ATI video card on investor’s laptop. That was my fault. Next time i will show demos without any effects.

Just a question: is it possible to make own simple glsl post processor which will work with old drivers (2 years old).

What was the error? It kind of depends.

I think the act of post-processing requires non-power of two textures… at least using the built in post-processing support.

Also it rquires fbo’s

Scenes with post-processing just did not start. I dont know what kind of error it was. just windows builds…

I think there were 2 years old video drivers to be installed. I had the same problem with my nvidia gts 250 and JME. I had 1,5 years old video driver. I think to write my own simple post processor. Will it be possible to connect my own glsl post-processor to JME? Will it save my live and old drivers? how do you think?

If it’s the errors that are common (non-power of two texture support and FBO support) then you would have to write your own filter post processing support and could not use any of JME’s. You would also have to somehow work around those two issues.

It’s really really simple to add a post processor to the support JME already provides. But to right your own post-processing framework from scratch is a pretty invasive set of changes, I think. I don’t know if there’s a way to fake it because I’ve never looked into it. And even faking it would require to somehow use pbuffers instead of FBOs… if that’s the issue.

Thank you for reply.

If the video card does not support FBOs or NPOT textures its probably best to disable post processing entirely. Post processing effects require a new and good video card to run at real time performance

is it possible to make simple bloom effect without FBOs or NPOT textures with JME post processing? As far as I remember half-life 2 had such an effect (2006-2007 year).

That man (potential investor) had ATI HD 4570 video card.


ATI HD 4570 supports FBO and NPOT textures.

Also, Half Life 2 is using DirectX which doesn’t depend on driver features at all. In DirectX, texture limitations mean something like you can’t use mipmaps or bilinear blending with them, but they can still be NPOT. OpenGL also has something similar to this but I don’t see the point in supporting it as it requires us to add a lot of useless classes only to support a small amount of cards who happen to have shaders but not NPOT textures.

Its actually possible to do bloom even on cards without shaders, I did it on an NVIDIA RIVA TNT (1998) by using texture combiners and blending several quads shifted by a single pixel many times. The result was ugly and it ran at about 3 fps, but hey, it worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your big reply! As far as I understand the problem was in the old ATI driver. Can you explain why old video drivers (1,5 - 2 years old) do not work with JME post processor?

If that laptop is using Windows and that person uses Windows Update to update their video drivers, more often than not these drivers do NOT include OpenGL or only part of it. I’ve seen that happen many times. Think of it as a “light” version of the drivers.

I get you. Thanks. Is it possible to make some kind of WARNING about such “light” versions of drivers?

I had that issue with NVidia-quadro on my job. There was windows7 and a disk with drivers from a manufacturer. I installed those drivers… The nvidia video driver was 2 years old. JME post processing did work with that driver… I installed a new version of a driver and everything started to work.

That was my thread about it:

Possible it would be useful to make some kind of warning about old driver version? Or some kind of driver checking for OpenGL content?

I guess it would be possible to do that, but I personally thing that if people really took the time to properly update their drivers from the right place that would remove most video drivers issues.

At the minimum everyone should check for updated drivers both from the manufacturer and hardware vendor’s site every 3 or 4 months. Best would be to check every other week.


But unfortunately people are lazy and changing drivers is seen as a chore instead of a soft “upgrade” then they come to X’s forum complaining about the game or whatnot’s compatibility, them not supporting laptop/low/mid-end computers when in fact it’s only drivers related. So many horror stories… lol (and don’t forget the memorable “But it can run X/Y/Z!”)

Anyway. Long story short, people have to do their own thinking and stop expecting everyone else to fix their own problems.

~rant_off :wink: