jME3 GDE: Prevent warning message when expanding a folder containing "Thumbs.db"

On my Windows operating system, each folder containing assets also contains a file called “Thumbs.db”.
When I open such a folder in the GDE (e.g. it is the asset folder), the console gets filled with messages like:

WARNING [org.openide.loaders.FolderChildren.C:.***.assets.Textures]: Attempt to obtain DataObject for C:\***\assets\Textures\Thumbs.db@96ecd72a:74d2a1ce from EDT INFO [org.openide.loaders.FolderChildren.C:.***.assets.Textures]: Ineffective since #199391 was implemented java.lang.Exception: Find for C:\***\assets\Textures\Thumbs.db@96ecd72a:74d2a1ce ... stack trace at com.jme3.gde.core.assets.nodes.AssetChildren.accept(

These three lines right at the beginning of accept(Node) in the class com.jme3.gde.core.assets.nodes.AssetChildren of the project SDK Core fixes that warning:

if (node.getName().contains(“Thumbs.db”)) {
return false;

If we are at this, shouldn#t this also be done for all files starting with . as then all hidden stuff from linux/mac would be skipped as well.

Its just a silly warning, read the mentioned bug description if you’re interested.

Ok, I understand the problem. This happens at multiple places in the code and would be a mess to fix only for this warning message.