Jme3-libraries vanished after crash

sometimes when I try to add sources to jar files on global libraries,
the SDK freezes and I have to force close it (I think it is a netbeans bug)

but now, my jme3-libraries is empty, and I dont know what was there…

  1. could I make a backup of all these pre-configured global libraries in my project?
  2. what files where there?

I was developing now I need to fix this before continuing :frowning:

just need to backup this file,

I found the libs here:
grep “libs.jme3-libraries.classpath=” ~/.jmonkeyplatform/3.0/ |tr “:” “\n” |sort

created a new global library: jme3-libraries-BKP
and copied ~/.jmonkeyplatform/3.0/config/org-netbeans-api-project-libraries/Libraries/jme3-libraries-BKP.xml
to the missing one, editing inside of it by removing “-BKP”

back to work! :smiley: