JME3 License out of date?

I’m reading jME3’s BSD LICENSE and find a little funny at the very first line.

Copyright (c) 2003-2017 jMonkeyEngine

Dose it means jME3’s license was overdue? Or maybe it should be changed to:

Copyright (c) 2003 jMonkeyEngine


I checked the BSD License in jme3-core source code.

I’m even more confused now.

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That doesn’t mean the license “ends” at that date… it usually means that’s the last date of change but often isn’t updated.

That date is only important because at some point copyright expires… like 110 years from now or whatever.

So if someone is still using JME in 2028 and is curious if the copyright has expired or not… well, they can also check the GIT changelogs if they’re still around.


Let’s say we didn’t change all the files in the code base on january 1st 2018 :stuck_out_tongue:

I had manually changed the one linked to in the wiki…

Do you want it to mirror the engine instead?

Is there a way to make the license for the engine appear in the repo main page like here?

I see the license but you guys are using it as part of the build process so I am not sure it can be done or not since it uses variables.

Edit: I changed the wiki to match the engine license dates of 2009-2012.

I translated the bsd_license page, also changed dates to ‘2009-2012’.