jme3 marching cubes + smoother method

Does jme3 have any marching cubes and smoothing method for cloud-like meshes?

Several people have implemented stuff along those lines. I’m not sure if any have been open sourced.

AFAIK there isn’t one distributed either as part of the SDK or as a plugin.

Okay, i asked same thing to stackoverflow, if answer comes i will put here or i will develop myself(im so lazy)

My version of the Adaptive Dual Contouring is open source ( ) but it’s not perfect and might be too far-fetched for a simple application (for instance, my version handles sharp faces normals, which would actually be a disadvantage on a cloud.)

Feel free to browse the code!

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I’m currently using cave3d’s marching tetrahedrons algorithm to generate smooth terrain for my game, 3089. However, I’m looking for something that will generate a mesh a little quicker with fewer triangles. This is also important because I create a physics mesh for the terrain, so having fewer triangles would be a win-win. Would your Adaptive Dual Contouring algorithm be up for the job? I haven’t spent too much time going over the code (just haven’t had time)… would it be worthwhile, you think? I currently have a scalar field / density function thing (that returns a -1…1 & normal value for a given 3D coordinate) which I import into the marching tetrahedrons function, but I’m curious on how your code may work (if at all) for this.