JME3 not installing

I am trying to instal the JME platform installer and every time it begins it just stops and says “installation failed.” I have tried re-downloading it and re-installing it multiple times but I get the same message every time. Any idea on how to fix this? Also I am using the macOSX version.


What OS version, CPU and graphics card?

my OS version is OSX 10.5.8, my processing speed is 2.4 GHz, and my graphics card is GMA X3100. I have a later 2007 macbook

Ok, you probably have the “using wrong java” bug, try the workaround mentioned here:

Edit: Although this might fix the install problems I dont think that the GMA X3100 supports OpenGL 2.0, the jME3 will probably not run on it anyway.

thanks for the help. If the link helps then awesome! if it turns out that my graphics card doesn’t support OpenGL 2.0 well then im SOL and must then save up for 2 years in order to get another mac that will work.

Thanks again for the help.

Well I believe my graphics card does not support OpenGL 2.0, I don’t even have a folder in my frameworks called javaVM.framework so it can’t be trying to use java 1.5 to install.

Thanks for all the help though.

scratch that, I found the javaVM.framework folder, it just wasn’t in the same place as it said in the article. I found the 1.5 folder but can not change the name due to insufficient access privileges, any suggestions?

Use the command line:

[java]sudo mv /Library/Frameworks…/1.5/ /Library/Frameworks…/1.5backup/[/java]