JME3 splash screen ideas

Hi all,

I start to appreciate jMonkeyPlatform that much, that I think it deserves a nicer introduction:) I created an alternative splash screen that matches the fancy site better…

It is somewhat minimalistic and just a meant as a trigger for others to design alternatives as well. By the time JME3 beta is ready it may even be included in the official release:) Let’s get creative!



oh nice!!

I like it, you have my vote!

Love it!

Wow cool! These kinds of contributions are always very welcome. Also things like icons etc (wink, wink) :smiley: We need to change the image anyway for beta/release as you say. I was thinking about writing “jMonkeyEngine3 SDK” instead of jMonkeyPlatform but in the style you did it it looks so cool xD I will add this one to the platform right away I think ^^ Also very happy to hear you like the platform :slight_smile:



Oh yeah this is awesome

So professional :smiley:

Looking good!

Great use of the .com’s color scheme, and I love the jMonkey touch!

Though I think you should go with “jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK”, because we’re sort of trying to downplay the “jMonkeyPlatform” label due to confusion between jME and jMP. We imagine labeling jMP as the “SDK”, and eventually referring to it only as such, that would help to clarify the difference between ‘engine’ and ‘devkit’.

really nice :slight_smile: great work!

Whats the right order in the slogan?

“serious engine. serious monkeys.” (on splash) or “serious monkeys. serious engine.” (on Website)

What will be the color of the progress-bar (the current red may look a bit strange on that splash)? And where will it be placed?

yeah right that’s “serious monkeys. serious engine.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a slogan from the old jME2 days actually… We should get a new one I think, this old one also expresses the old devs hesitation with the monkey name too much.

Oh and btw, theres also the small update screen (only the upper part is an image)

@erlend_sh: With “jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK” you only have one name to brand… Sounds fair to me!

@burnedtoast et al.: about the “serious monkeys. serious engine.” slogan, I’d say you don’t need one. The JME name itself expresses enough creativity. It could rather use a more descriptive subtitle, such as “The … Java Game Engine” (fill in some word: “best”, “advanced”, …). It is a bit duller however.

And a good point about the progress-bar. If it stays red, it’ll look better in the black band at the bottom (like the update screen).

Can the position and color be parameterized?

@normen: I’ll rework the “update in progress” splash too when we have a final design

Yeah I can customize color and location of the progress bar.

… btw, IDE or GDE (game development environment) instead of SDK?

SDK, its the term most people are familiar with.