JME3 Tests project template is missing the code examples

When I create a project using the ‘JME3 Tests’ template, within the directory ‘JME3 Examples’ there is nothing but something called, ‘<default package>’. Are there supposed to be code examples in there?

Maybe a screenshot or even a video showing what you did to end up in this situation would be helpful here. I assume you are using the SDK and all that.

Sorry for the very very late reply.
This is entirely my fault, due to changes the sources aren’t available anymore and the demo project thus is empty.

It’s something I do not intend on fixing though, because that test project was a hack back when there was no unified examples directly from the engine.

In the future, the examples only consist of the jme3-examples folder/subproject and that should be sufficient for everyone, regardless of the IDE/SDK.

I am uncertain about the future of the Test Project (e.g. copying in the jme3-examples module? Just a project that depends on test-data to write your own tests?). I think it will just be removed in future versions.
I am sorry that the current SDK release is faulty in that regard, though.

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