jme3 & xmlvm

Hello there!!! Long time, no see.

Doing some research, looking for open source game engines with Android and iOS support.

I’ve found in the Ideas Page that there is a way to do that.

Did anyone try to compile jme3 projects to Obj-C?

Impatiently waiting for your reply (from google translate)!!!

I tried using XMLVM but theres more to do that just cross-compile, many classes are missing and not being converted etc. If you want to try it, enable android deployment for your app and then use the xmlvm tools on it (no, I can’t give you further information, you’re all on your own). I will not get to this the next month at least.

Oh well… Next month is just fine for me. Joking x )

At least, can you say when did you try that? If it was a long enough ago, maybe there is new versions.

I am really looking forward to write something on JME3 for iOS.

“You either program for a mac, or everything else”, forgot where i heard this :frowning:

Steve Jobs died. Hope, this situation will change soon.

If Apple ever stops caring about how you as a programmer adds to the user experience of their devices then they will go the same way as Microsoft and I think they learned that by now. I tried cross-compiling about two months ago or so I guess.

Thanks for all info you gave!!! :wink:

tkey said:
Thanks for all info you gave!!!

I read the manual on the xmlvm site, you can do the same. I'd spent the same time trying it again as explaining it to you.