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A while ago, I wrote a post asking how I could start making a 2D game in JME3. One of the responses pointed me to the jMe3GL2 library as a starting point.

This library had what I needed to make my project, but soon enough I encountered a “problem”. The documentation was entirely in Spanish.

Although I can understand Spanish just fine, I decided that, for the sake of consistency, I should translate all the documentation (and even code comments) into English.

Along the way, I’ve also made a few small changes to the code (but nothing ground breaking). See “Fork Modifications” for a change list.

After several months, I finally finished my “translation patch” of this library. It was a lot of work to make this project, I hope it can be useful for you as it was for me.

TL;DR: This is an unofficial English translation to jMe3GL2 library.

What is “jMe3GL2”?

“jMe3GL2” stands for “jMonkeyEngine3 Graphics Library 2D” and to quote it from the README:

jMe3GL2 is a set of classes that can be used to develop a 2D game in jMonkeyEngine3. It is a mapping library for jME3 to Dyn4J.

Some features provided by this library:

  1. Creation of 2D models using a Sprite mesh.
  2. Integration of the Dyn4J engine through Dyn4jAppState.
  3. A convert class that acts as a bridge between jME3 and Dyn4J.
  4. Controls for applying physics and animations: AbstractAnimatedControl, BodyControl.

Fork Modifications

  • Translated jMe3GL2-awt documentation and code commentaries to English.
  • Translated jMe3GL2-core documentation and code commentaries to English.
  • Ported to Apache Netbeans 19.
  • Minimum Java version set to 11.
  • Downgraded minimum screen resolution from 1024x576 to 640x480.
  • Generate POM file for Apache Maven users.
  • Fixed small inconsistencies in the code.
  • Added missing documentation.
  • Includes two commits uploaded only after version 2.5.0 original release was published.

NOTE: Everything that works in the original version (2.5.0) will work exactly the same way in my modified version (2.5.1). If you already started a project in the original version, changing it to my modified version shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Java 11 or higher.
  • jMonkeyEngine3 version 3.6.1-stable.
  • Dyn4J version 5.0.1.

Source Code & Binaries

(Fell free to point out any error I might have done in the translation. However, any problem not related to the translation I may not be able to fix since I’m not the original creator of it.)



Hi @kriChris14

Interesting, thank you very much for your time in translating the documentation of this library, it is true that everything is in Spanish and that can be an obstacle for many (I suppose)

This can be a problem for those using jMe3GL2 (modified).

[ Collaborator ]

@kriChris14, Are you willing to contribute to the jMe3GL2 library? The translation you have done is an important part for jMe3GL2 (it was already on my to-do list).

If you are interested in collaborating, feel free to submit a PR; I will be very grateful to you and the community could benefit.

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