JmeConverter gui fun

@pspeed Finished learning javaFX and fully implemented your converter into a gui as my final learning exercise.

A professionally designed project that made things real fun and easy when implementing all features.

A side note, the way the forum handles imgur now is really bad. It used to thumbnail things better, now it destroys them for preview.


WOW, that looks really good!

I switched to direct links which helped the one image for me… but the other I think is a size issue.

Edit: project looks cool, too. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the forum use thumbnails for imgur.

A terminology difference but I considered them thumbs since they would display as shrunken in size but as a mirror image if it was to large and as always could click through to the image to full size it. At least thats the way the showed on my system.

The first link does look right now, the second has the image chopped off at top and bottom.

Used to be, the non-direct links didn’t work at all… some update in the last couple years fixed that, at least. :slight_smile:

I think the cropping is because the image is so tall… there must be some algorithm in the forum that decides when to shrink or when to crop.

Forgot to say:

Thank you both for compliments.


Is the project you are referring to in this case “JmeConvert”?

Yes. Most definitely. Covers all the bases for someone like me to be able to implement it.

Thanks for the complement! :smiley: