JMEDesktop memoryleak


Can anyone explain why there is a memoryleak in JMEDesktop? Is this a big issue? Can I avoid it(the leaking, that is)?

Hm, how do you know its leaking? Just using more and more ram? What are you doing when its leaking? Whats your code using JMEDesktop? If you know what objects leak, which ones do? If you dont, can you run a profiler to find out?

Actually i don't know if it's a leak. I mostly refer to previous posts. But when I run the TestJMEDesktop and comment out all swing but a button it's still using more and more ram without doing anything.

When starting up tha app it's uses 68k and without doing anything it's up to the double in five minutes. Is that normal? I'm just trying to understand why.

Is memory consumption growing if you periodically force gc?

I don't know anything about any GUI in 3D, but I noticed generating lot of garbage in some swing apps (but did not investigate further, either there was real leak or it only created lot of short lived objects).