Well, I guess it's the class wich enables to syncronize physic elements in game by the net.

But :

with createSynchronizationMessage (DynamicPhysicsNode) I create and send the message.

with applySynchronizationMessage (SynchronizeMessage, DynamicPhysicsNode) i think I apply the event to the physics.

My question is :

does the JMEPhysicsGraphicalController create the node with the remote node ?

or do I have to create the node first and apply the Sync to it ?

Other important thing :

is each player in game a dynamicphysicsnode ? i thought they was in  the static one , ma I wrong ?

Reading the post under, I've found that the engine does not synchronize objects.

So, I guess to add the player on other players logon and generate a new DynnamicPhysicsNode, isn't it ?