Jmetest.awt.applet versus non-applet

Recently I've been checking out the jmetest.awt.applet demo but it raised a question.

When I run an applet JMEtest and "look arround" with my mouse it lags. When I "look arround" in a non-applet JMEtest I dont have this lag.

Some observations:

*The applet has an FPS capped to 60FPS, whenever I move the mouse the FPS go down to 55-59

*I am watching the applet on a LCD (which requires V-Sync to let everything be nicely synchronized)

*The applet tests should give me 500+ fps as similar tests with the same amount of polygons but without the applet give me that amount of frames.

*Whenever I "strafe" (W-A-S-D keys) I do -not- get the laggy experience

I have a hunch the problem lies either at the Applet not having V-sync enabled or the overall capping of FPS to be the cause of this.

What would you advise me to do to solve this problem?


poke!  XD

Does that mean it has been solved? If so, would you mind mentioning how?

I think poke means nobody answered, and they still need the help.

Nymon is correct!  XD

My personal experience with applets is that they are considerably slower than actual applications. Maybe it is because of the Security System they have which is a lot more restricted than an application's. Maybe it is just the overhead of the browser. Maybe it is the amount of memory allocated to it (by default allocated by the browser and not Java). Or even some hardware acceleration issue that hinders the applet rendering performance. Who knows, but I would strongly suggest to make it a JNLP (WebStart) application instead.