Jmonkey engine eclipse invalid module name is not a java identifier

hey i downloaded jmonkey engine 3 stable folder to use for my eclipse java project which uses java 10 i included the


in the build path and external libraries but when i run it i get this

java.lang.module.FindException: Unable to derive module descriptor for D:\ufilesD\jME3.2-stable\lib\jme3-bullet-native.jar
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: jme3.bullet.native: Invalid module name: ‘native’ is not a Java identifier

i included the jme3-bullet-native.jar file so why is it saying this, which other .jar files should i add to the build path cause i noticed if i add all of them my code on eclipse starts turning red underlines cause some modules are referenced twice it says

You’re apparently trying to load the jar through the module path. JME is not modularized yet.

You need to load your jars through the classpath instead.

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You can see how to set up jMonkeyEngine on Eclipse here.

You can also create a Gradle project which will work on most IDEs, including Eclipse.