Jmonkey engine stuck loading

I formatted my computer because it was getting terribly cluttered and did a fresh install of jmonkeyengine. Now all of a sudden jmonkey freezes and will not load it says, “Opening Scene Viewer” then there is a loading bar and it is stuck at 14%, i have given it plenty of time. Perhaps someone could point out the error of my ways?

Edit: The GUI is still interactive but i cannot Open/Save/Create any projects in the SDK, I even uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled ahh!

Install the latest graphics drivers.

nope been doing that with me too and driver are the latest nvidia release 266.58 WHQL but will re-installed

Have you tried to disable the the loader animation, and then proceed to updating the jMP to current?

ok turns out I didn’t have alpha 3 but…as soon as I installs it asks to update thatAuto Update Services [1.20.1 → 1.20.2] appear and when I install back to 14% and nothing after. just re installed the demo screen or what ever is displaying nice music too…hope that helps

edit nah the 14% thing happens regardless just shutdown and restarted stuck

Does this also happen when you re-launch jMP? I’ve noticed on w7 once the updates are downloaded one will need to re-launch jMP to install the updates.

lwsquad said:
Have you tried to disable the the loader animation, and then proceed to updating the jMP to current?

I'll try the update center again see what happens

edit nope 14% but I think this happening out of the box anyway i.e. fresh install no updates.............14

This happens when the OpenGL context cannot be opened. Remember that OpenGL is not installed by default on windows, most graphics drivers install it tho. Also, to update to the latest nightly, you have to enable the nightly update center (which is also possible when it hangs at 14%) read the manual (press F1) on how to update.

weird… I dont code with jmp, I use eclypse and I have no issues there, my drivers are the latest from nvidia as stated above, I will read the manual about the update thing but I think I already do it correctly, can’t recall the step right now though…at work no jme her, but it does its thing you see the download window load it get to 100%, ask you to install mentions something about unsigned plugins or some such they install… jmp says in will restart but never does I restart it and it works fine…eh until now.

Hm, try reinstalling jMP and updating again, might be you got a broken update when hudson was failing. Make sure you use the uninstaller and delete the settings (.jmonkeyplatform/dev/) with it too.

yeah I’ll try when I get home later

ok it seems that it has an issue with my basic user account NOW, it didn’t before if I start it as admin it seems to load fine except that the viewer screen is all black…didn’t there used to be some text feedback or has that changed and also what would I have to do to make it work without having to use admin rights

You can see the fps / info text by pressing the “i” icon in th top right of the sceneviewer.

yes thanks but still something obviously can’t get written to now, when use this without privileges, it would be helpful to know how to change that, it was not necessary before

I dont know, windows user rights system likes me as much as i like it :stuck_out_tongue: I could install jMP as a user on my Windows7 Reason computer w/o problems as a user… But its a system where nothing has been installed but Reason and Guitar Rig and now JDK and jMP.

that odd I can install just fine track down every folder that jmp writes that I could find, add my basic account with permissions and still it wont work

ok it “corrected” itself somehow, I am not sure what exactly happened but it initially started and stuck on 14% ,for some reason I decide to turn on the vehicle editor even though it didn’t startup correctly, shut it down started as admin, shutdown started up normally (as a user) and boom just like that it was good again…didn’t update or anything during this time…or did I :? …or it :?

Are you aware that the SceneViewer should be visible on start? When its not, select it and maximize it once (double click the tab). The opengl context cannot start when its not visible.

the scene viewer was never hidden shutdown or otherwise at anytime throughout this issue, the demo screen would even come up and do its thing, as I said, while it was stuck at 14% I switched to the vehicle editor simply to see what would happen, the interface changed to the vehicle editor and the scene viewer went grey and stopped trying to load…shut it down restarted as admin it worked then shut it down again started normally and it worked, I was at no time doing anything contrary to how jmp is supposed to work, apart from switching to the vehicle editor out of nothing more than trying something “unorthodox” when the scene viewer refused to load…all this is just feedback, u can take it for what it is…or not…your choice… shrug…hell it could have been a fluke that it started working again, but it was an issue experienced by more than one user so…

Well you didn’t seem to be sure about your actions so I asked… Its indeed strange that the progress bar doesn’t advance when the welcome screen displays… This can only mean theres a bug in the progress bar because it literally describes the scene starting… Is there any tool on windows to check the user rights for obvious problems?