jMonkey Site error?

Not sure if this was intended or not, but I got mentioned from a post that tweeted, and since then I’ve received about 60 email notifications letting me know I was mentioned in a post. The link in the email says to turn off notifications I need to go to which goes to a test screen. I’ve since turned my notifications off, but I would like to keep them on, and just only get 1 email when I’m mentioned :slight_smile:



@erlend_sh: So this might be only the test site thats spamming…

I shut off all notifications from this site, and it appears I’m still getting spammed :confused:

Is it still the “test” server?

yeah, please let us know if the sender is! (I’d @ you but you won’t get an email for it ;))

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Yeah, still the test server

mentioned you in an update:

@jeremywoertink thanks! I will fix it asap or even better, why don’t you send a patch? :slight_smile: or wait, a pull request on github! :smiley: #”

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