Jmonkey workflow and questions

Hi guys,

I use already Godot engine for mobile 2D games , it will have next gen 3D features soon , there is also Lumix engine, but it willl need months before getting complete.
So i want to know if JME3 have or will have some features i consider core features before making a try at 3D with it.

  • We can’t select objects in 3D view , should not this essential feature be implemented to be able to work faster and before we create some plugins for the editor ?

-Why the material editor has so much shadow maps slots ? materials for models are defined mainly with diffuse,normal, metallic and roughness, these slots should be at the top of the material editor.

  • Why we can’t drag and drop a material on some 3D object in the 3D view ? Must we assign all materials by code ? Because materials are not always coming from Blender , you can texture with 3D coat ,Substance Painter , Mari or DDO like all 3D artists do.

About rendering is there some Physically based rendering pipeline available ? I don’t see the metalness and roughness maps in the material editor.

Is IK available and working when we import from Blender some animated model ?
I seen a discussion about root motion for animations , will it be available later ?

-Are particles using GPU ?

-Are soft particles planned ? (i am not a shader coder)

  • I don’t see a prefab system ? essential for any 3D game engine

About lightprobes for i seen a discussion saying you must create a camera and assign some code to have it create a lightprobe , and lightprobes didn’t mix between them when used in the scene for objects rendering.

  • Would it be better to have lightprobes integrated in Jmonkey interface to create them in one click ? as this is today an essential features ? About mixing light probes will that be available ?

I don’t need JME3 to become more visual, but that little things would help.

  1. Sure you can select objects, in the scene explorer and in the 3d view
  2. It shows all texture slots of the material definition, if you don’t need all of those make your own material and use that
  3. You can apply a material in the properties editor of a selected geometry
  4. PBR is available in the (beta) 3.1 release but you have to select the right material definition
  5. No, no IK
  6. All rendering uses the GPU
  7. Not really as they imply a physics system to be based on - softbody physics for bullet has been implemented halfway by a contributor though
  8. Idk what you mean by prefab but there is the asset pack browser to add premade models and things, sadly nobody really contributed there and by now the changes to the web site broke the existing downloads - its still there though
  9. idk what you mean by that really but the whole UI/SDK part of the engine isn’t about adding features or constraining the user to some premade “action trigger/spawn point” system but to allow to edit existing engine features visually

Generally, if you think that something should be added you can simply post here to propose to add that feature, ask how exactly it could be implemented and then send a pull request when you did the code. This is actual open source - not some company backed “free” software or some people with too much spare time that are just waiting for someone to demand a feature so they can implement it…

er… Actually no. PBR is in master and is intended for 3.2

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  1. I mean import some model that have been animatde using IK, i don’t mean use code to make or manipulate IK, only animations import from Blender with IK used in Blender ?
  2. you mean some beta branch and not the actual download distribution ? When will 3.1 will be out of beta and available on downloads ?
  3. i don’t mean physics, but soft particles
  4. I mean UE4 Blueprints or Unity prefabs, the ability to create a special object named prefab that can contain several model, particles, physics , materials. When you place several of the same type in the scene it becomes instances.
    No prefab for JME3 sadly.
  5. I mean place lightprobes in the editor like it is done in Unity or UE4, when the game is launched the engine itself builds the light probes, what you need is only place them on the level when you create your game level. It is the standard way of working today.

For PRB you need lightprobes, should not lightprobes be part of the editor like directionnal or spot lights that are also essential to make a level ?
When is 3.2 public release planned ?

  1. yeah, no IK
  2. As nehon said, its only in the master branch, no release for that in sight yet - we don’t plan releases
  3. still don’t know what that is supposed to mean technically, looks like a depth thing
  4. Yeah, models with stuff attached etc. Thats what the AssetPackBrowser supplies
  5. PBR would be the feature that this is needed for if I get it right - as there is no support for PBR in the SDK yet theres no way to add these as of yet. Shouldn’t be much of an issue really though. We await your pull requests for all the features you deem “standard way of working”.

There is a branch of the SDK where I did this. It’s not released because PBR is not release.

We don’t do ETA.

A couple of things you may have missed, and I’m just gonna recall them before this discussion slips too much. You have a lot of requests that you seems to take for granted, just be aware that JME is an open source project mostly driven by the community, and every single person contributing to the engine is doing it in his spare time. No one gets money for doing all this. But some people have spent a huge amount of time on it.

So basically, you coming around saying “you don’t have that??? that’s a basic feature for a 3D engine” is very likely to antagonize people from this community, and get you little help in return.

  1. I create a model using IK on Blender i export it and JME3 can’t read it ? It is very limiting.
  2. it’s about not seeing alpha edgges using some depth buffer, so no soft shadows in JME3.
  3. It’s a very old way of working , any today editor has drag and drop materials in 3D scene objects feature.
  1. Awaiting your pull request
  2. Awaiting your pull request
  3. Awaiting your pull request
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Some things was not clear, there is lot of informations scattered around the forum , all infos are mixed, there is not separated threads like general discussion, features request,bugs etc … so i mixed many users and official informations and i was not right.

I thaught PBR was already available like some other people, well it will be soon.
But Ik import , soft particles or decals are really missing; i’ll make some 3D mobile game test with JME3 as it is very suited for this platform, PBR is too expensive for small mobile hardware.
For desktop games i’ll stay with Godot if i go open source as it will have tons of features and is more artist friendly so best suited for guys like me.

I have no request i just needed to know the actual features and it’s clear now, thanks.

Why don’t you add these features if you need them? Thats very limiting.

Thats because some people (like your for example) don’t use the categories when posting.

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It will make me loose years instead of creating the 3D art and coding the gameplay.With actual features JME3 as enought out of the box to make 3D mobile games very well, it is incomplete for desktop games ( no Ik import, no standard ready to use post effect and shaders , no decals or soft shadows, no soft particles, no basic particles collisions).
This is not JME3 philosophy as it is a low level API and framework mainly for people to extend the code and engine and create tools, it is not suited for me (perhaps a 3D mobile game)[quote=“normen, post:11, topic:37408”]

Thats because some people (like your for example) don’t use the categories when posting.
Try a real forums and you’ll never get that problem and all information will be lot better readable and organized , it is a little mess like that lol.

So… move along please.

IK properly speaking are not supported. But bone animation is. We have several pipeline for importing models (none of them perfect tbh) and some of them bake constraints into animations (Ogre pipeline, Blender loader (more or less ok), xbuf pipeline). So basically if you make an animation using IK in blender you will be able to import that anim into JME, but only the raw data (you won’t be able to programmatically change the position of bones constrained by the IK)

We have soft particles actually. You have to add a translucentBucketFilter as a post processor and passing true in the constructor (enableSoftParticles).

Decals we don’t have…I agree it would be a nice addition.


Thanks God developers on LWJGL don’t hear that :smiley: .


Oh and we definitely have that

Well that’s right and water.
I just get quickly borred with JME3 because of it’s actual outdated workflow
-not able to drag and drop materials on models on 3D view or on scene hierarchy display
-not able to import a model with it’s low poly collision model at same time from Blender
These are real showstoppers to anyone wanting to be able to work quickly and compose levels in some fast and easy way, i could wait for PBR and a future release , but the workflow is just very outdated and make loosing lot of time instead.

The workflow is more oriented to the needs of Java developers and much less towards those who prefer to spend most of their time using creation tools. And honestly, JME3 will never be able to compete with the likes of Unity or UE4 in that area, so if that’s a serious requirement… I think you have enough to decide now.

You can import. See :
Is there a easy way to creat the CollisionShape? - #10 by Ali_RS[quote=“MonkeyGroove, post:17, topic:37408”]

-not able to drag and drop materials on models on 3D view or on scene hierarchy display
You can do that in blender. (But that’s only for phong materials)
If you want more flexible and modern way to create and view your jme-specific material definitions directly in blender using blender cycles system then you may take a look at f3b.

Well farewell…good luck with your project.