jMonkeyEngine-Contributions has been moved to GitHub

Since google code is shutting down and has recently become read-only, I’ve finally gotten around to tweaking and running my scripts to move the projects to github.

Each project is now its own repo with history separated out. Hopefully everything worked properly but I obviously haven’t tested every project.

The only project left to move is jme-ios because it has files larger than 100 meg and github rejects the push. I’ll try to fix that this weekend and at least get the non-large files moved.


Maybe this would also be the time to clean the stuff up.

At least SimpleBloxelWorld can be deleted safely, since there is Cubes as alternative and AFAIK it did not even run anymore with the 3.0 stable.

Yep, we can get to that once things have settled a bit. Feel free to list other repositories that are most likely safe to remove.

I guess there is no download counter or something…

Hard to guess which one are not used a single time… I just can say it about BloxelWorld since it was from me, and as i see the sources where never published to the googlecode…

We could open a bet when the first question rises how to use the directx-support plugin :wink:

I chose not to make judgment calls about a project’s utility or need to be present. It eliminates a lot of trouble with little downside.

My guess is that when @jayfella fully rolls out the plugin repository stuff that most people will take on management of their own projects and the jme-contrib organization will just atrophy. It’s kind of a holdover to how the old plug-in system worked and if there is a better way in the future then it won’t really be necessary.


The last project (jme-ios) has been moved sans files > 50 meg. This completes the migration aside from giving users their access back.

I will leave that up to others, though. :slight_smile: