jMonkeyEngine Example Game

I have started working on a example game for all jME3 users.

The purpose of the game is to show someone new to the engine what is possible and how to make a cross platform game.
(PC,MAC,Linux,Android) .

The game is going to be a similar game as the old PC game called Rats: Youtube video of Rats

The game will show in detail the steps taken to make something like this.

Some progress has been made over the last couple of days and I have a video for all to see:


If any 3D artist is interested in helping out, please get in touch. The asset list is very short:

  • Game level (floor, walls & roof all with slight variations and doodads)
  • 1 base game character with variations and very few animations

Oh damn, I totally forgot about that game, played the hell out of it when i was a child.

I know! Fun right? :smiley: I used to play it all the time. However, the whole “exterminate the sex-crazy rats & their babies”-theme might not be the most fitting for a general purpose example, so we’re exploring alternative themes for the same key game mechanics.

Feel free to share your ideas.

I would like to show everyone the progress so far I made.
Most of the tools/power the one can use is implemented except for Bombs, Gas Clouds and Sterilisation Field.

As you can see from the video with the minimal input from the player you can see that the creature infestation quickly becomes critical.

Here is the video:


Today I made some good progress of the game.
I changed my strategy for enemy movement from Ray Casting to tile based movement.
It is not implemented yet, but this cause my level design to change as well and I now have a working
tile base editor for levels.

Here is a little preview:



Good day,
Developer Entry 4:

  1. New dungeon tile models.
  2. Super cool dungeon creature models.
  3. Game camera view with some orbit control.
  4. Fixed a lot of bugs with navigation
  5. Added Geometry batching for optimizing gameplay on mobile devices.
  6. Baked in Ambient Occlusion on the tile models.
  7. Simple shadow under each creature.

Enought talk, check out the video:


Great stuff @ndebruyn, I like it :smile:

Great Work, Loved it :smiley:

Good day all.
Today I want to share with you the progress me and @erlend_sh have made with this awesome project.

Enjoy and any comments are welcome.