Skulls Demo Available for download

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We have finally released a public Demo of the upcoming jME Example Multi platform game called Skulls.
All downloads can be found here:
Skulls - Linux
Skulls - MacOSX
Skulls - Windows
And a video:

Feedback Wanted

The game is very easy to pick up and play. You can finish a round in 2 minutes if you’re quick.

Any and all feedback on balance, appearance, powers etc. is very welcome.

Contribute Levels

The game comes with a very straight forward level editor. If someone actually takes the time to create a level, there’s a good chance it will be included in the game. Just ping me.


Unfortunately it crashes right away when I launch it on my mac.
I have java 8 though, but I already successfully launched other JME apps before.

Hard to say what’s the problem as even with the java console activated it doesn’t show up.

Wups. I’m on Mac too and I’ve tested the game regularly so I strongly suspect it’s a trivial mistake in the build process that we’ve run into from time to time.

It must be Yosemite, then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not on Yosemite, still on maverick…I can’t be bothered to update

Well @erlend_sh, I don’t think this is related to that other problem we use to have.
Please can you also test this demo version when you have the time.
Does everyone experience problems?

I really need someone else to also test this, please?

Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit - works great with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs.

@nehon: have you tried running from the command line?

Works great on my Macbook Pro Retina with an Intel Iris GPU.

This is very interesting.
I wonder what could cause the problems @nehon is having.
Thanks for the others for the feedback.

Win 7 64bit
Corei5 sandy bridge
intel HD 2000

Works great, maybe from a UX perspective it’s a bit difficult and there’s no tutorial… but I guess that’s for a later version :wink:

However as a rule of thumb I make “test builds” like these as jar for better diagnosing of problems.

Yes, and still no log.

I’m using java 8 though… but I’ve run several other JME app with no issue… even some made with java 7…

Win 7 32bit
geforce 8600m gt

Everything ok!

awww cool litle game :slight_smile: works fine and make fun on

Win 7 64bit
GeForce GTX 560 Ti

greets EsKay

Ubuntu 14.10
Java 8
Asus Notepad with i7 CPU
Geforce 840M

The game looks great, the monsters moves smooth. ^^

Great job

Win 8.1
Java 8 u_40
Nvidia 970

Fun game.
I would request a Programmer Commentary Video where you talk about the code.

Hi all,
Here is another preview of what the progress of this little game is.
@JDay create some pretty nice skull models for us.


Great stuff, would be interesting if the explosive barrels would tear down the walls as they explode :smiley:

Cool, works fine for me on OSX / InteHD5000 / Yosemite 10.10.3.

Had to install a Java8 JRE though, otherwise the game would crash on start (looks like the app stub is not very smart about not finding a JRE :confused: ).

Well… Yosemite is working as intended in this, meaning that the “Oracle JVM” is obsoleting the “Apple JVM”. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ndebruyn why did you replace the old skulls/zombie/etc models?

Yeah but crashing instead of just bailing or displaying a small message “please install JRE” isn’t very smart either way.