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stephengold When, where, and how did you first become aware of JMonkeyEngine? What got you interested in using it?

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Hi @adi.barda,

I would like to pour a bit into the topic of the interview. I hope I am not to interessted, but could you answer the following as well:

  • What amount of time did you spend in the SceneMax3D ?
    If I understood correct, it already was a big project before you rewrote it. So maybe if you can estimate the amount of time for rewriting the project would be an nice figure to know.
  • I assume you have been โ€œprofessionalโ€ before you discovered and explored JME. How much effort and (again) time did it cost you, to become familiar with JME then.
  • Is you a one person project or is it a team working on it ? And if its a team how everybody became familiar with the JME part ?
  • As I understood SceneMax3D is offering an own coding language for kids. How you make the language and the usage of product known to the teachers ? I mean there must be things like tutorials, books etc.

And as stephengold already said: It is a very impressive project!
Good to know that JME can and is used in an project that mature and โ€œbigโ€.


Hi Aufricer,
Thank you for the kind words.

I spent & still spending ~2 hours per day (5 days a week) on SceneMax3D project. So itโ€™s about 960 hours spent on the project so far. Given that the original Android project was abandoned , I guess the PC version consumed ~600 hours so far.

I never was a professional Java programmer. Iโ€™m just using Java for my Android off-road navigation application (ADV-Rally) and for SceneMax3D, Both are side adventures.
It was easy for me to become familiar with JME since its object model is straight forward and the supporting forum is very responsive.

SceneMax3d is a one person project :slight_smile:

There are two websites for the SceneMax3D technology - one in English ( and the other in Hebrew ( I put most of the documentation efforts on the Hebrew one because most of my users are from Israel. But there are white label commercial companies which takes care for all the โ€œlearningโ€ stuff (educating the teachers, documentation, online & frontal lectures etc.) Iโ€™m concentrating on the the technology and they on the marketing & and educational stuff.

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