jMonkeyEngine with lwjgl

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to put lwjgl 2.9.3 with jmonkey engines and for example if I have a tutorial on lwjgl 2.9.3 and I code with jmonkey engines it will work?

JME already use lwjgl, you can switch version. (but default one is 2.9.3)

anyway in JME sourcecode you have

and you can see yourself how it is used there, or use wrapper of this.

you can also look at [jme3-lwjgl3] to use newer but it have some problems.

for example you can look at file:

Please note i did not try myself, but i belive someone already did and there should be no problems.

It’s possible, yes, if you’re using the (default) LWJGL 2 renderer with jME.

However, writing LWJGL code directly in a jME application is kind of a waste (unless you’re adding functionality to the renderer). LWJGL and jME are two different “layers” - LWJGL just gives you (or jME) access to your graphics hardware + some other useful native libs. jME provides a full scenegraph and suite of tools/utilities/necessities that are 2000x faster and easier to work with than direct rendering. In other words, anything you write in raw LWJGL calls is just duplicating or replacing what jME already does.

So in short - yes, it’s possible to do that, but it’s kind of pointless. If you want to learn LWJGL specifically, I’d suggest starting a dedicated project just for that and leaving jME out of the mix to keep things simpler (less to go wrong). Also, you might want to start with LWJGL 3, not 2 - there are many improvements and that’s where the new development is happening.

Good luck!

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Thanks every one