”jMonkeyEngine3 External Libralies” plugin is broken?

I spent two days trying to upadate it, but it stops at 11%. Btw the other plugins were updated very fine. Buuuut, I’m not able to use nifty anymore, it’s broken because the “jMonkeyEngine3 External Libralies” plugin is not updated -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-. Is someone having the same problem?

Is that the stable update center? The external libraries is semi-large so it will take more time to download than other plugins… But I don’t know why the update should fail… :confused:

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I’m using all jme update centers :

Any problems?

Edit: Also, is it possible to install that manually?

Edit2: Btw this plugin is from stable repo.

No the nightly should have a more recent version of that plugin I think… Anyway try enabling only one of the jMonkey update centers.

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It doesn’t work too, updating from both repositories does stop at 11% :/. Btw are different versions, see:

EDIT: BTW the nifty is working :wink: