JMonkeyPlatform does not quit!

I recently installed the new “JMonkeyPlatform” Beta version on my Windows 7 machine. I’m having problems where if I quit the program, jmonkeyplatform.exe starts up again- loading the program again. This cycle continues indefinitely as far as I know.

If I go into Processes in Windows Task Manager, I can “End Process” and then it terminates. This is not convenient though and something’s probably up somewhere.

I’ve never had this with the original version of JMonkeyPlatform I had (as far as I know, the most recent version prior to Beta). I’m assuming it may be something unique to my computer as I’m not seeing anyone talking about this?

When I first opened Beta, it tried to update but kept restarting as it got to a point and froze. I re-executed it and it seemed to update properly and start. The program says it “applies updates” every time it executes, but I assume that’s a common procedure?

Thank you for any help!

NB. I tried to post this topic before but it did not appear- if it appears somewhere else in the forums, I apologise

yeah @Normen I have the same issue since last update (Win 7 64bits), if you want we can do some voodoo testings…

It’s like the “Do you want to restart the IDE now?” after the update got stuck…

Reinstall the IDE completely at best, this is an issue on windows since alpha and it also exists for vanilla netbeans.

Too legit… too legit to quit…

…maybe I should step away from the computer now. :wink: