JmonkeyStore is now OPEN

We also use gitlab at work. I prefer the github interface.

Maybe newer versions of gitlab are better but “blame” is essentially useless if the user who changed the line was not in the most recent commit. (For example, someone reformats the file.) I miss this almost every day at my day job:

Meta details have been added to the store. This means when a page link is added to things that support the OpenGraph API (discourse, discord, facebook, etc) it will display page information like below instead of just a plain link.


The store has been updated. Amongst a few little issues reported, a new skin and layout has been designed. The layout should be clearer and the javascript more efficient.

The index page is cleaner and includes navigation buttons - including “browse all”. The main carousel on the index page now shows the entire image with the correct aspect ratio - which makes them look a lot nicer. The store pages themselves also have slightly more customization to them. They now show the first image as a background on the page to give it a little bit of a personal feel with a bit of ambience to play with as a page creator. Virtually all dependencies and libraries were updated, too.

I hope you like the new changes - and for page creators - I hope your pages are presented in a better light.

  • Jay.

Looks nice!
That said, the css still needs a little work to fully switch away from the dark theme. Homepage looks good, but in some places the text is barely readable or sticks out too much:

  • text in filter boxes in advanced search is too light
  • tags for various assets have a completely black background which sticks out too much IMO
  • on asset pages, depending on the screenshots, the text can be hard to read now that there’s an image in the background. I’d use a little less transparency.

That’s what I found after a quick look, once I have something to submit again, you can probably expect some more feedback.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll see what I can do for the first two points.

For the last point I kind of agree. It could do with a tweak, but it’s also on the page creator now to pick a good image. With that in mind it might be a good idea to let the user specify an image rather than select the first one. That way they can take these things into consideration.


@jayfella the new changes look great!

One small request, if we do not want an image for the background, can you make that an option?
Sometimes the image makes the page very hard to read. I will link my own page for example:

Although I probably should get a better image :grimacing:

The store was updated.

So now if you want to have a background image you can select one. By default “No Background” is chosen - so all current pages will have no background. If you do want one, edit your page and select the image you want to use.

I hope that helps.

And as always, don’t forget that you can always support the improvemetns to jMonkey via Patreon.


I’ve been accepted into the github sponsor program - which means that github will match every sponsor payment for the first year(!).

If you’re not a huge fan of Patreon, please consider using github sponsors instead.


Does this mean existing sponsor need to redo through this link?

No not at all. Both are available. It’s just whatever you prefer or is easier for you. To my knowledge github takes no fees and Patreon does. That’s the only difference.

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I think they track number of contributors through the website only?

I github will match contributions, I will move my donations over to it!

Unfortunately while I was setting it all up I noticed that the deadline for sponsor matching ended on Jan 1st 2020.



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Oh, that is too bad.

As promised the Software Store has been published to github. At this time the repository is private and can only be accessed by a invited members. If you feel that you possess the ability to participate in its development - please let us know.

The source-code itself now belongs to “jMonkeyEngine” and not myself only, however the license is yet to be determined. In my opinion it is unlikely to be “open source BSD” because this is not an open source API for others to use, extend or build from - but is propriety software created for JME.

I am honored to be able to have created it for such an awesome community, and I hope that it being pushed to the github repository will bring some great commits.


The store has been updated.

You now have the ability to add a hub thread link to your page. This allows users to click a link to go directly to a hub thread associated with your page.

Add your link in the “External Links” section.

And the link will be visible here:


Some minor changes were also made:

  • Don’t display “publisher website”, “documentation” or “hub link” if none exists.