JMP problems


I have some problems with JMP which I can’t work around. My main problem is the fact that for some reason I can’t build applets anymore.

I tried copying over to a new project and I got this error (even after adding the assets):


Applet Creation

Expanding: C:Program into C:UsersKajosjMonkeyProjectsGlobalCommand6distApplet

Moving 1 file to C:UsersKajosjMonkeyProjectsGlobalCommand6distApplet

C:UsersKajosjMonkeyProjectsGlobalCommand6nbprojectlwjglapplet-impl.xml:22: Warning: Could not find file C:UsersKajosjMonkeyProjectsGlobalCommand6${assets.jar.resolved} to copy.

BUILD FAILED (total time: 1 second)[/java]

Running it from JmonkeyPlatform works fine, however running it directly from an exe or jar crashes it, and so as well the applet.

Now another concern to me is that the BasicGame option when creating a new project dissapeared! Is this a feature? Cause I thought it was quite handy.



Your project properties file is somehow messed up… It doesn’t translate the ${assets.jar.resolved} variable…

Yeah, however it does show the Project Assets folder properly under Projects.

Should I reinstall JMP (also in regard of the missing Basicgame option)?

Yes, it seems that the install must be messed up somehow, can you give me the exact OS specs? I guess you are using Windows 7, theres some users having problems with updates on windows.

Windows 7 (64bit) indeed on Corei3 running 32 bit JMP and 32bit JDK.

I’ll install a little later and will let the results know.