JMP3 performance issues and Nifty rendering

Hi all,

I’m a total noob at JMonkey (though I have quite a lot of .Net and Java experience) but have spent a couple of weeks playing around. Apart from the problems it’s been a lot of fun trying to work the framework out.

JMP3 (Alpha 3) is installed on a windows 7 virtual machine running on a MacBook Pro notebook, there is 2G of memory allocated to the virtual machine.

I am developing in eclipse because of (1) below.

I’ve experience a number of problems, the most pressing being

  1. JMP3 memory consumption and CPU thrashing. This gets so bad that the IDE is unusable. Is this something others experienced or have I done something really silly?

  2. The NiftyGui examples work really well on their own (Looked really sharp and stood out) but when I rewrote them to render through the JMonkey API the controls looked terrible. The colors were patchy and bled past the control boundaries, the effects didn’t work etc.

    Am I missing something?

    Can anyone help?



Did you update your graphics drivers? This sounds strange.

Hey normen,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly what drivers do I need ? I thought I read all the documentation, could you point me in t the right direction?

I dont know, you get them from your graphics card vendors site, maybe amd or nvidia?

I have an Nvidia graphics card on the Mac the drivers are up to date (they should be kept up to date by a scheduled update from apple).

VMFusionware had this to say about their graphics

Enable 3D graphics for the following virtual machines:

• Windows XP: DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1

• Windows Vista and Windows 7: DirectX 9.0EX with Aero and OpenGL 2.1

I using Windows 7.

I don’t understand why the rendering is perfect when done directly from Nifty, but degrades when done through the JMonkey-Nifty API.

I have just noticed that it also affects the SceneViewer in the GDE. The welcome screens have repeated text, controls misaligned with their containers, clickable controls not working etc.

Uh… I completely misread your post… On a mac in a virtual machine?? Why don’t you just use the native Mac version of the IDE?

I just tend to develop more on widows (I don’t feel so bad about thrashing it around). :slight_smile:

I think that this is the driver that windows sees VMware SVGA 3D driver from MS. If there is no way round I guess I’ll break the habit of a lifetime and develop on the Mac


Still doesn’t explain the difference between using JMonkeyNifty and just Nify…

jMonkeyEngine3 requires full OpenGL2 compatibility which a simulated environment seldom delivers (despite what the manual or simulated graphics card say).

Looks like I’ll be developing on the mac

Thanks for your help



Wouldn’t the driver problem affect Nifty?

No, it uses OpenGL1