JointController Repeat Modes

RT_CYCLE for the JointController does not cycle (it does the same thing as RT_WRAP). When set to RT_CYCLE, the animation should run backwards from last frame to first and vice versa when reaching the last and first frames.

Also, with JointController, is there a need for DeformationJointController? I’m in the process of removing the milkshape loaders and they used DeformationJointController, but the milktojme uses JointController. I’ll remove Deformation from CVS if it’s no longer needed.

I never thought to add support for that, I just made it work like ms3d. It should be easy to put in though. I’ll see what I can do, if it’s ok to commit.

sure, go ahead and commit these little things as normal for now until we get a policy in place. I’m going to go through and finish the things I was working on as well. (The commit policy will apply to me as well).

I figure we’ll get the policy in fairly soon, but until then go about business as usual (just try not to add huge items).

Also, I do think that JointController makes for a fine replacement of DeformationJointController, so I am going to go ahead and remove it from CVS. (I have just finished removing all the model loading code) so once I commit this we will have a centralized model system.

I made JointController because it specifies joints at time positions, so you can specify what a joint should look like at time t=1.56 and t=1.5