Jpony Input Module

This is a simple module I wrote on top of the default JME input manager. Jpony Input gives you direct access to input from the main application loop. It’s a more convenient and intuitive way to get input that doesn’t involve creating a separate function for the action/analog listeners for each class. You can add a key to the Jpony Input Manager then reference it any class just by passing a reference to the manager.

The Jpony Input Manager also provides properties for key press , release , down , and up states. Getting the frame the key was initially pressed is as simple as.

if (input.key("LeftMouseButton").pressed){
        System.out.println("LeftMouseButtonwas pressed");

You can download the files and test projects from here.

Here is a short walk through of the setup. It’s very basic and straight forward.

Jpony Input Manager Setup

Currently it doesn’t support analog. Once I find my usb joystick I’ll work on the analog.