JStoryMaker: A tool for making cutscenes

Hello every one. I have worked for the last two weeks on this new tool as I heard that there is a similar tool in the other Game Engines. I searched about one that is for JME3 and saw that it wasn’t as what I want. So, I programmed a more user-friendly one. This tool could be used directly without any line of code (except the one that should play the cinematic). I know it doesn’t have a good design (colors) but it works :sweat_smile:. A full description is on the README in the github repository.
This is an image for the tool:

And this is a video for the tool:

You can download the tool from here
I wish I could develop it also as a plug-in for JMonkeyBuilder :sweat_smile: but I am facing some problems in using Java 9+ and Gradle.

The second version of JStoryMaker is available now. The tool needs some more tests, but it’s fine.
This is a simple cinematic I made with JStoryMaker

I am thinking about adding the ability to record the cinematic and save it to a video, but unless there is no official way to view a video in JME3 this feature will be useless.

The third version finally came :slight_smile: . It’s true that the major releases are increasing rapidly but this is because of cinematic events that aren’t backward compatible in each version.
Let’s start with the new talk. Animations are very complex to be described as a series of events. In many situations, the animations have non-linear behavior. This can be achieved now using interpolators. The interpolator can give animation (not just loc, rot, scale) a non-linear behavior which will make the animation more realistic. The only supported interpolator curves now are linear and bezier until I can find a good documentation for the JME3 implementation of Nurbs and Catmull-rom curves.

The tool now has a more friendly look and a better user experience. You can find more about the new version here.
Make sure to read the tutorial to know how to use the tool correctly.