JStoryMaker: A tool for making cutscenes

Hello every one. I have worked for the last two weeks on this new tool as I heard that there is a similar tool in the other Game Engines. I searched about one that is for JME3 and saw that it wasn’t as what I want. So, I programmed a more user-friendly one. This tool could be used directly without any line of code (except the one that should play the cinematic). I know it doesn’t have a good design (colors) but it works :sweat_smile:. A full description is on the README in the github repository.
This is an image for the tool:

And this is a video for the tool:

You can download the tool from here
I wish I could develop it also as a plug-in for JMonkeyBuilder :sweat_smile: but I am facing some problems in using Java 9+ and Gradle.

The second version of JStoryMaker is available now. The tool needs some more tests, but it’s fine.
This is a simple cinematic I made with JStoryMaker

I am thinking about adding the ability to record the cinematic and save it to a video, but unless there is no official way to view a video in JME3 this feature will be useless.